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LMGC History

The first nine holes opened on August 30, 1928 – just in time for the stock market crash two months later that led to the Great Depression. A golf professional from Scotland, Johnny Langlands, was hired. It was he, along with visionaries Crane and Claus, who drove the first balls off No. 1 tee. The course at that time consisted of current Holes 1,2,3,and 9 on the north side of the driveway and 10, 15, 16, 17, and 18 on the south side.

17th tee, 1938
Similar to today, Lake Mohawk Golf Club was a volunteer driven organization in the early years. With the exception of a “Club Steward”, just about all of the functions involved in operating the Club was done by members, despite how important the members might have been in their careers. The Club Steward’s job was to run the Clubhouse food operation as an independent operator, hopefully but not always at a profit. When World War II came prospective new members were preoccupied with winning the war and the Club continued to struggle financially.

4th tee, 1940
During the mid-1930’s, the Crane Company added four more holes, current numbers 11,12,13, and 14 while at the same time building the nucleus of Lake Mohawk Golf Club members. Despite the hard times of the depression, the Golf Club, still owned by the Crane Co., grew along with development through 1935 when membership stabilized.
At this time the Crane Company offered to sell the Golf Course and the Clubhouse to the members. While this was a risky investment for the depressed times, the members were convinced of the opportunity. To help, the Crane Company agreed to hold the mortgage. They were supportive in other ways — plowing and scraping to level the dirt driveway to the small clubhouse on the hill where golf was played in the summer and bobsledding and sleigh riding were enjoyed in the winter.

Masquerade Ball held at the Club, 1940
The social fabric of the Club was always strong and numerous parties and outings occurred. Dances and dinners occurred regularly and grand balls were held in New York City during the winter to keep members in touch. To raise revenue, the Club even hosted the Sussex County Dog Show for four years and presented a “Revue” at the Lake Mohawk Country Club complete with Broadway performers.
In 1958, the final five holes were completed. Numbers 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 were carved out of the forest and rocky hills to finally make Lake Mohawk Golf Club a full eighteen holes.

LMGC 25th Anniversary Celebration, 1954
In the 1960’s a men’s grill was added and in the late 1970’s, the current dining room was built along with an enlarged men’s locker room.
In the mid 1970’s the recession from the OPEC oil embargo hit the club hard. Membership became stagnant, and several supportive members stepped forward again, loaning money to the club to see it through.

Invitational with Wallkill Valley
In 1984 the land on the entire side of the adjacent mountain ridge was purchased to protect against development and consequent loss of the natural beauty that is part of golf at Lake Mohawk Golf Club.

Original Clubhouse
In 1993 the Clubhouse was rebuilt. A further expansion in 2006 enhanced the views and facilities. This full-service Clubhouse sits majestically on a knoll overlooking the course surrounded by lake and mountain vistas. Today, the Clubhouse provides members a world away for dining, socializing, and entertainment experiences.
The classically modern Clubhouse serves as a center for non-golfing activities with a formal Dining Room, casual Pub Room, Member’s Grill, outdoor Veranda, and elegant setting for private parties and weddings.